Indications of Societal Imbalance

Observing today’s sociopolitical dynamics from a genetic perspective, there is an imbalance that could lead to the disintegration of the US as we have known it. This has to do with the Outside the Nest function of protecting the nest from would-be intruders. 

To re-cap, from humans on down and animals back up, species that raise dependent offspring in a nest have necessary functions inside the nest and outside the nest. In lower species, devoid of culture, the behaviors supporting these functions are passed down from generation to generation only by genes. Because of that, the genetic aspects of human behavior can be identified. Of course, these basic functions are manifest in humans in a wide variety of ways, some obvious and others subtle.

Outside the Nest functions are, for one, gathering food and other necessary resources for the offspring and the Inside the Nest parent. The other basic Outside the Nest function is protecting the offspring and the Inside the Nest parent from would be intruders.

Now for humans. Given the ability of the human brain to abstract from the concrete to the general, the nest may be conceived of as the home, the neighborhood, and even the country. 

Over the centuries, the Outside the Nest function has been to protect against armed invaders. It also included protection against more subtle forms of intrusion. However, when survival is so secured that its fragility cannot even be considered, the sensitivity to intrusion diminishes. 

In ancient Rome, survival was so entrenched in the psyche of the population, that it actually trained barbarians to fight. Eventually, as we know, the barbarians, armed with military knowledge, invaded and conquered Rome.

Today, America has fallen into the same trap. It has educated and otherwise supported the Chinese. Now, the Chinese, following the techniques described in Unrestricted Warfare by two Chinese colonels, are waging what it, China, considers war in these unrestricted ways. For example, it has infested the US with subtle means of erosion, such as buying US land, even land near US military bases. It has bought much of the US means of food production, as well. 

About 30 years ago, before the end of the cold war, when survival was not assured, these intrusions would not have been tolerated by the general populace. Now, with survival relatively assured, the Outside the Nest genetic drive to protect the nest is not as necessary and thus not as strong. Rather, the Inside the Nest genetically determined drive to support the vulnerable has become stronger.

So, the poor from Central America are supported because they are poor — vulnerable. Meanwhile, the aspect of their coming that might detract from the drive to provide food and resources for the nest is diminished and thus tolerated by much of the electorate.

Which brings up the issue of food. Famine has been a political technique of tyrants to weaken or eliminate perceived enemies. Now, the possibility of famine has returned, with limitations on fertilizer, etc.

The importance of this is the genetics of it. The genetically determined drives are strengthened or diminished in relation to the environment – safe or not, plentiful or not, etc.

That is, when survival, the focus of Outside the Nest function, is perceived as assured, inside the nest (reproductive) drives are relatively strengthened. 

This is at the root of the extremism and divisiveness of today. That is, because the OTN function of survival, in this case by protecting the nest against intruders, is seemingly not so warranted, the Inside the Nest (ITN) genetically determined drive to support the vulnerable dependent offspring is relatively stronger. Instead of balance between OTN and ITN function, there is an imbalance — its resulting dysfunction.