Dr. Lurie has written in several formats:

His newspaper, Medical and Health News, was distributed at pharmacy check-out counters.

Founded, edited, and managed by Dr. Lurie, it contained articles on current topics, features by contributing doctors, the AP news service, and editorials by Dr. Lurie.

His novel Cornered is about a disillusioned super surgeon, who falls deeper into the pit, when he develops a rare form of cancer. 

Once in remission, he is contacted by another patient with that form of cancer. She convinces him to get back to the lab and reach for a cure. A love story develops along the way, as she pulls him out of depression.

Finally, he comes up with two treatments, one of which should cure their cancer. Unfortunately, if someone tries one of them, the possibility the other will work is eliminated. Unwilling to let anyone else make the choice, he tries one, and . . .

Sex in Politics, Full Version, is a nearly finished non-fiction work that describes in detail the origins of its primer, described under Books. It depicts a doctor dictating a book supposedly about sexual sex, beginning in the Bible. Each chapter, begins with a paragraph of dictation, but he is shortly interrupted by first his middle school son, then his adolescent daughter, his wife – a combinations of them, all concerned with other matters, from a school science project to dating and mating.  Finally, he abandons the book on sexual sex and focuses on sex as reproduction, i.e. from infancy. He traces the origin of basic morals, values, rules, and behavior. Ultimately, he realizes that the division between the political extremes of today gives insight into the development of societies and civilizations, including their fall.

He also co-wrote a pilot for a TV series, Psyberia, set in a psychiatric ward. It is  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest “on steroids,” to be stretched out into a dramatic TV series of life in a psychiatric ward– from the perspective of patients, clinicians, administrators, and the courts.