Sex and Politics, The Primer

This book is not at all salacious. On the contrary, it considers that sexual reproduction is so adaptive to the environment, that almost all species reproduce in that way. Thus, this book deals with the  reproductive development that follows copulation and birth in humans and related species.

So, why the “juicy” title. Well, I was criticized for the obtuse title of its predecessor, PsychePolitics. So, I went perhaps to the opposite extreme with the current title.

This book explains the relationship between the essentials of all life, from humans to trees. These essentials are survival and reproduction.   It does so by understanding how relevant lower species, devoid of the complicating overlay of culture in humans, carry out these functions. Once the basics are understood, their expression in humans is described, identifying the basic genetically determined drives that underlie it.

The relevance of this framework is several fold. It offers a scientific perspective of history. After all, it certainly is possible that we keep repeating history because we do not really understand the biology and genetics of history. This book presents a framework for doing so.

Secondly, this framework is presented as a possible explanation of the rise and fall of civilizations — and why we are where we are in this process.